Seaweed harvesting employs about 400 people in Ireland, mostly on a part-time basis, as it is very weather and tide dependent. Fourth Generation Seaweed Harvesters, The Talty Family, ensures only the finest seaweeds are selected for Currach Single Malt Whiskey. All their seaweeds grow naturally off the Wild Atlantic Way in Co. Clare. Sustainably hand-harvested in season to provide optimum nutrition, their seaweeds are organically certified. The precious harvesting waters are also tested quarterly to ensure they are of the highest quality.


Kombu, a brown seaweed varietal, is located in the extreme lower part of the shore and is harvested during low spring tides throughout the year. Finishing our whiskey in these Kombu charred casks creates this perfect union of the Irish land and sea in a rich multi-layered whiskey with a delicate umami character


Wakame, a green seaweed varietal is rare, seasonal, and is considered to be the king of seaweeds. It grows in the extreme lower shore on wave-battered rocks and in rock pools in the winter months and is harvested in mid-spring at its nutritional prime. It provides briny, salty, and umami flavours with a degree of sweetness.


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